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"G'day mate"

Aussie Bush Days and Nights! Suggested entertainment is:

  • As guests arrive, our male and female bushy hosts greet them. Attired in denim jeans and bonds singlets (boys) and cut off denim shorts and white tied tops (girls), these beautiful models will entice guests to come and play their booth games. One booth will host ‘knock the beer cans down’ while the other is playing throwing the horseshoe. This will instantly put guests into a fun country atmosphere.
  • Guests who are looking a little lost or in need of company will enjoy talking to a couple of our planted actors. These fun Aussie characters will be sure to provide a laugh as they chat about their outback adventures, which will become more outrageous as the night progresses. Suggestions are ‘Our Crocodile Hunter, Steve Erwin’, ‘Crocodile Dundee’, ‘Troy Dan’, our couch potato and beer drinking Aussie block ‘Norm’ or your own Aussie Icon suggestion.
  • Guests will also enjoy the Aussie animal enclosure of koalas, snakes, cockatoos and kangaroos, all who can be touched and be photographed with.
  • Our roaming bush guitarists will add musical atmosphere.
  • If space permits, have our Aussie Whip Cracker perform a demonstration. He can also teach your guests how to 'crack a whip'.
  • Once all guests have arrived and they have enjoyed playing the entrance booth games, our 2 male and 2 female hosts will hit a designated dance floor area for a demonstration of line dancing. This will be a short piece of approx 2 minutes duration performed to a pre-recorded CD. This performance will then be followed by the dancers encouraging guests to come and join them in the learning of a few basic line-dancing steps. This works best when supported over a microphone by our MC or perhaps band lead vocalist providing vocal instructions. Our actors will also join in the fun and festivities of the line dancing. They can be useful in drawing other guests into the performance.
  • As the fun of line dancing dies down and guests are again enjoying drinks and food, the performance area will feature an indigenous didgeridoo performer. He will be accompanied by aboriginal dancers who will perform a traditional dance in traditional attire. As this stunning cultural performance ends, it is over shadowed by the opening strains of ‘I Will Survive’ as 3 stunning drag queens enter the area to perform the world renowned routine from ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’. This stunning performance will dazzle your guests and indicate that the party is really ready to rock.
  • This will lead into our bands first set while our stunning drag queens then mingle with guests having photos taken and enjoying cheeky verbal interaction. Band selections could be fun dance music or more traditional Aussie bush music by the Old Gum Tree 'O.
  • An alternative floorshow is: character actors and dancers attired as Ned Kelly, swagmen, convicts, hussies, and escapees welcome guests and usher them to tables. Between entree and main course, these same entertainers stage 'a raid' on the room taking guests as hostages and forming a 'chain gang'. As the chain gang is dragged up onto the stage, the band begins performing and the dancers and actors take audience members onto the dance floor for some traditional bush dancing.

Room decor ideas:

  • Giant stacks of hay bales provide game booths and seating for your guests
  • Scatter rusty broken farm equipment around such as wagon wheels, milk cans, scythe, barb wire, fence posts
  • Make up outback dunny signs for the toilets
  • Set up a rustic outdoor bar complete with galvanised iron room
  • Drape multi coloured festoon lighting overhead
  • Offer guests wagon wheels and toffee apples as prizes for game booths


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