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Morticia, Gomez and Uncle Fester will greet your guests with insults and innuendo sure to put a smile on their faces.

Be scared, be very scared...Black Friday is here! Suggested entertainment is:

  • Guests arrive to be greeted by our black characters, The Adams Family. Morticia, Gomez and Uncle Fester will greet your guests with insults and innuendo sure to put a smile on their faces. Morticia will distribute stems of roses to guests, the best part of a flower in her opinion. Gomez will flirt with arriving ladies, as long as Morticia doesn't see. Kissing ladies arms and pampering them with compliments and the odd invitation to visit him sometime in his horror home.
  • Witches will roam distributing their magic potion (champagne) and casting spells on those who displease them.
  • Dracula and our female vampire will welcome guests. Cookies individually wrapped will be 'Trick or Treated' to the audience by these characters as well as witches, mummies, sorcerers, white brides of Dracula or Frankenstein, black fairies, devil ladies, aliens and zombies.
  • Tattoo artists to paint barb wire, spiders and webs etc. on audience members.
  • Our magician, attired in fright night make-up and costume will perform slight of hand close up roaming magic. But of course, the magic only works as it's Friday 13th.
  • Our mystery lady in black will be performing cynical palmist telling guests of her hopes for their future.
  • Actors will be also roaming amongst guests sprouting dire warnings of evil soon to come, one even with her black cat! Characters can be the Grim Reaper and Freddy Kruger or Edward Scissorhand.
  • Guests will be delighted at the fun atmosphere created by these characters, giving them the confidence to once again be children and live in a make-believe world.
  • As guests become comfortable with the nights proceedings, we will stir them up by a surprise appearance and floorshow. Our roaming characters will regroup to perform a stage show commencing with Michael Jackson (look-a-like mime artist) performing (lip sync) to the song Thriller. Dancers attired as Zombies will accompany him. As this song finishes, the zombies and characters will make their way from the stage or performance area into and amongst the audience again becoming zombies or statues amongst the crowd. As this occurs, the cast of Rocky Horror. Frankenfurter will belt out his hit song, 'Sweet Transvestite' with his friends Magenta and Columbus. They will then break into 'Let's do the Time Warp' where all our roaming characters will grab guests and encourage all to participate in the fun simply chorus dance of 'Time Warp'.
  • Party on at the conclusion of this floorshow with the talents of our character DJ or one of our fun dance bands, fully costumed and face painted to suit the theme.

Room decor ideas:

  • Black, black and more black but with a touch of either silver or gold.
  • String cobwebs over everything from doorknobs to chairs and tables.
  • Hang glittery styrene stars from overhead.
  • Display a large bubbling pot of brew (filled with dry ice spewing out).
  • Use pin spot lighting with an oil cracker gently releasing fine smoke.
  • Play sound effects of ghosts and eerie sounds of the night.
  • Create a maze entrance for guests to walk through with 'surprise visitors' much like a haunted train

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