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Be transported into a magical realm as you journey through Candyland with Kayla and surrender your imagination to a spectacle of dreams, fantasies and inspirations....

The “CandyLand” folk are going about their daily duties in Candyland making sour gum drops, sour liquorice, and sour gum; in fact everything about Candyland is sour since the Sour Queen became ruler …. The town Mayor comes rushing on stage calling all to attention announcing “today is the day” ….. “It’s the day the prophecy is to come true…. A leader shall arrive and lead us to victory against the Sour Queen. The days where Candyland was a wondrous enchanted kingdom filled with colour will return!”


With this he spots a girl in the audience….. She’s here…. It’s her she shall lead us to victory…. A girl in the audience (A plant) will be called up to stage. As she steps on stage the backdrop completely transforms to colour as does the cast members…. It’s as if the colour had been turned on….. The girl is whisked away and a high energy routine erupts.


The festivities are interrupted by the Sour Queen’s entrance who’s heard there’s a stranger in Candyland Since capturing the cotton candy fairies who spread the sweetness throughout Candyland she has been turning all things sweet … sour ….. Legend has it this stranger will free the Sugar Plum Fairies ending her rein as Queen.


Gum ballers (In big fat costumes with a tyre inside who bounce around the stage) are creating havoc, Liquorice Twists are snoops for the queen, and can anyone be trusted? Chocolate Crackles are about to attack…. A war is sure to erupt as the young stranger releases the Candy Fairies from their prison. They sprinkle the Queen with sweetness as Candyland explodes into outrageous colour with a big finale featuring inflatable sky dancers, confetti cannons, outrageous costuming and a big Christmas finale.


The contemporary design of the show is based on a combination of The Grinch / Willy Wonka & Alice In Wonderland.



Duration 0f Act:  30min show

Number of performers:  7 members


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