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Your guests will be transported to an exotic location in India with our Bollywood Adventure Theme.


A Fire Display greets guests as they arrive, upon entering pre dinner drinks area the guests will be met by beautiful Bollywood dancers who mix and mingle with guests, a roving village magician will amaze with sleight of hand magic proving the hand is faster than the eye. A snake dancer with a 6 ft black python draped around her body glides among the guests with her skirts swirling around her. When the main room doors open the Bollywood dancers will assst guests to find their tables.

 Add excitement to the event for guests between courses with a Henna Artist to paint designs on a hand, or a seated fortune teller to give accurate feel good reads. 

Kick off the evening with a spellbinding 10 minute high energy bollywood opening featuring all the glamour, kitch, boy meets girl, boy loses girl to villain, boy wins girl as in all good Bollywood movies combined with dazzling costumes make for a visual spectacle seen only in a Bollywood movie. Garanteed to leave guests with an enduring memory of the night.

ADDITIONAL Bollywood Entertainment options

Bollywood drummers

Bollywood Musicians


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