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Guests are greeted by a riot of colour and movement. The Webbed Creatures are talented acrobatic gymnasts attired in shiny fantasy costumes.

The Future is here, right now!

  • Futuristic contemporary and jazz dancers
  • Multimedia performances
  • Stilted creatures from other lands
  • Les Benz either performing a choreographed routine on stage or roaming amongst guests
  • Splodges roaming and hyperactivily interacting with guests
  • Magic and illusionists either stage shows or roaming amongst guests
  • Stage spectaculars to introduce a guest speaker, opening a conference or introduce an awards segment

Futuristic theme night, Circo Neuvo. Australia's answer to Cirque du Soleil

  • Outside the main entrance, on either side of the main doors are full size trampolines featuring two aerialists attired in festive coloured lycra costumes and full eccentric make-up who will dazzle arriving guests.
  • At the main entrance to your pre-dinner drinks area, join Neuvo Ring, master of this new age circus as he welcomes you to this amazing night of entertainment. Neuvo Ring will invite guests to ‘step right up’ and enter his special paradise of the unusual.
  • Guests are greeted by a riot of colour and movement. The Webbed Creatures are talented acrobatic gymnasts attired in shiny fantasy costumes. They twirl, flip and lift as they move through guests. Towering over guests providing more aerial dominance are our Geofamily. The giant alien 4 legged stilt walkers attired in geometrically challenging costumes have a futuristic appearance and are commanding in their presence.
  • Guests are ushered to the entrance to the ballroom by our webbed creatures and commanding geofamily. Continuing the journey of fun and imagination through to the main ballroom is the Birthing Tunnel. As guests move through the lycra tunnel, it comes alive with movement as limbs and bodies push through the lycra reaching for the entering guests.
  • Dinner Stage Show or roaming acts.
  • Neuvo Ring, better known as The Ringmaster, but one of modern skills, will control the evenings proceedings while adding fun and magic where required. Costumed in outrageous tails and top hat perched high on a huge foam wig, our Italian man of many words will be a commanding presence. He is accompanied by his side-kick, mini Neuvo Ring who is identically attired.
  • An assortment of Contemporary clowns (Clowno Neuvo) will entertain guests performing mime, dance and acrobatics amongst the tables and on the stage. Again attired in bright coloured costumes with outrageous head dresses and fantasy make-up, these clowns will thrill all members of the audience with their antics.
  • Les Benz, one of our latest acts will intrigue the audience as they take to the stage. These giant brightly coloured tubes come to life as they glide onto the stage to perform a choreographed routine with worm like movements.
  • Another of our newest acts, Les Twirls joins Les Benz in their performance. These female twirling performers are in amazing costumes that create the illusion of human cork screws. These unique characters are joined by giant Chinese ribbon dancers, with their thick brightly coloured dual ribbons forming stunning visuals to modern original music.
  • Also roaming amongst dinner guests or taking to the stage, are the Personality People these OUT THERE bazaar characters attired in Circo style costumes performing an amazing routine of jumps, spins and flips…possibly even on roller skates.
  • The nights highlight will be a stunning performance from the Dima, a Russian performer formerly with the Moscow Circus and soloist with Mystere, Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas show, Dima performs his magnificent flying act utilizing huge sails of lycra fabric.
  • Music throughout the night, can be a choice of: Flute and Didgeridoo, Harpist and Violin, Contemporary original band of musicians, Funky DJ character playing a combination of new age ambience music and fun dance/party music

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