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All the glitz and glam of Hollywood!!

Welcoming guests outside the main entrance, our eye-catching gold body painted statues either side of the main doors performing slow movements. At the same time, the paparazzi, photographers, journalists, television cameramen and presenters storm guests as they walk down the red carpet.

Our Marilyn Monroe look-a-like hostesses welcome guests to the function and direct them to beverage waiting staff. These same hostesses will also direct guests to their tablesOur own famous meet n greet impersonators – Stevie Wonder, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Austin Powers, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Jerry Lewis, Elvis, Liza Minelli, Cher and Crocadile Dundee roam amongst guests interacting and posing for photos.

Some will also ‘pull up a chair’ to a table and have a ‘chat’ with guests at that table. We suggest the services of a Festival Photographer to take photos of the guests with our famous stars.

The stage backdrop is the trade mark Hollywood Hills. The nights proceedings get under way with a spectacular opening production featuring dynamic singers and dancers performing a high energy routine. Our star impersonators can be brought onto the stage ‘logie style’ to present various award segments. Alternatively they can be brought onto the stage to perform in production numbers as required.

Our show bands, such as the Fab Four (Beatles Impersonators) or a band where members dress as celebrities such as Elton John, Kiss, etc to complete the theme and partying into the small hours of the night. Another alternative is to have our special impersonator, Liberace perform on a white Grand piano.

Movie Magic Theme

  • Paparazzi bombarding the arriving guests with camera's flashing and reporters asking the appropriate questions eg I saw you were in Monaco last week'. 'Your last film was a winner, I am sure you will get the Logie', and 'is there any truth to the rumor'!!!!! This sets the mood of excitement as all guests are treated as 'Stars’
  • Interactive characters arrive to help set the scene, Charlie Chaplin, Austin Powers and Michael Jackson.
  • 1940’s Hollywood vaudeville entertainer Tapping button man, will perform tap routines to guests as they arrive (busking style on the sidewalk. He will be attired in a traditional suit covered in buttons.
  • Indiana Jones character actor and 2 natives (jungle look). He works with a snake and handler attired in Arabian costume for guests to have photographed wrapped around their neck. Also setting the Indiana Jones scene are exotic traditional Middle Eastern performers attired in spectacular glittering sexy costumes ooze style and charm. Our Belly Dancers perform weaving their way among the guests.
  • Grease Is the Word - meet n greet girls attired in 1950’s costumes (as 1950’s cheerleaders) together with suitably attired cast members.
  • Superheroes Spiderman, Batman, Wonder woman and Batgirl characters roam amongst guests.
  • Featured floorshow from Batmen and Batgirls who perform a stunning fully choreographed acrobatic fight scene. Breathtaking!
  • Elvis Karaoke Bar with Elvis impersonators, 1 midget and 1 Asian.
  • Titanic models to meet n greet in period clothing at main entrance. An actor to portray an old seadog telling yarns while another actor portrays the ships Captain, to visit guests at their tables welcoming them and interacting about interesting titanic knowledge. Meanwhile a ballroom dance couple attired in period clothing performs elegant waltzes between interacting with guests about the wonderful experience of being on board the Titanic.
  • A trio of Moulin Rouge characters - 2 very cheeky can can saloon hussies with their shorter version (a female small person) provide mayhem and excitement as they can can and cartwheel their way around the venue. These cheeky characters will be sure to also verbally interact and flirt with guests.
  • Busby Berkley Babes - 1940’s stunning beauties will portray the glamour and excitement of the 1940’s big production movie. These girls are stunningly attired as period showgirls including stunning feather fans. They will weave their way through guests by performing lovely choreographed movements with the fans. They also will pose for guest’s photos.
  • Acrobatic Duo (Cirque du Soleil Films). Attired as very contemporary and eye-catching, this unique balancing and acrobatic act can roam and perform tricks in very tiny performance spaces. Perfect for roaming the venue.
  • Cinderella & Prince Charming - this glamorous and friendly couple roams performing a little skit involving Cinderella’s shoe and finding the owner of the glittery slipper. From the young to the young at heart, this fun entertainment involves your guests trying on the shoe and finalizes in Prince Charming proposing to Cinderella. The couple then waltzes off together roaming to the next area to perform this fun little skit.
  • Keystone Cops - fun and zany just like the traditional characters, our ‘cops’ can be utilized roaming or as meet n greet characters. Why not let these guys 'boss around' your guests!

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