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Welcoming guests are our beautiful geisha girl traditional attired in stunning kimonos.

  • Welcoming guests is our beautiful geisha girl traditionally attired in stunning kimona. 
  • As guests enter the pre-dinner drink area, they will be entertained by Japanese Drummers performing percussive music.
  • Side stalls will be set up where our talented Japanese calligraphy writer will write guests names as a take home memento.
  • On display will also be origami folding.
  • Guests will be invited to have a tattoo painted on their arm (water based paints used) of a Japanese word in Kenji writing (peace, harmony, love etc)
  • As guests enter the main ballroom, our beautiful and elegant fan dancer performs the traditional 'tea dance' on stage.
  • Guests attention will be drawn by the stunning and highly energetic performance by our sword dancer. This leads into a display on the dance floor by our sumo wrestlers, compared by the referee.
  • Should space permit, post dinner, guests will be given the opportunity to wear giant wrestling suits and 'suit up' against friends in a fun game. These giant suits mean that once a guest has fallen over, they cannot stand up again without the help of the game assistant. Hilarious fun!
  • Finish the night off with a good long dose of 'Karaoke' hosted by our entertaining MC.

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