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Welcome to the Jungle

Choose from some or all of the entertainment options below:

  • Jungle Freestyle dancers can perform a mixture of on stage performances plus roving sequences. Accompanied by traditional bongo player (optional) they can perform on the spot impromptu's in any type of environment.
  • Welcoming guests upon their arrival is the magnificent Dr Livingstone, who will direct them into the room and introduce guests to 'his world'.
  • As guest make their way into the room, they will spot our exotic fully body painted models who will be draped around pillars and amongst lush dark green foliage. Our male model will be attired as a cheetah and our female model as a tiger, this magnificent live artwork will be sure to impress.
  • Swinging overhead is our 'Jane' who is performing slow acrobatic movements from her static trapese (an overhead swing dressed and covered in vines). Attired in traditional 'Jane of the Jungle' outfit, she will be stylish yet stunning in her performance.
  • Also roaming amongst guests is our game keeper, suitable attired, he will have with him a live black python snake for guests to hold. This beautiful animal will be sure delight brave guests and even the most 'unsure guest' will want to touch the snakes skin.
  • Guests will be wary of the imposing Voodoo Chief who is storming through the room muttering intimidating chants in time to the beat of the bongo he is playing. He will issue warnings to all guests to beware of the unexpected adding a bit of magical mystique to the evening. Once guests are all arrived, Dr Livingstone will reassure guests that our Voodoo Chief's magic and power is not to be believed.
  • A featured floorshow for the evening will commence with the body painted models (Cheetah and Tiger) making their way onto the stage (or performance area) as the performance music and lighting commences. They will perform a choreographed short routine before being teased away from the stage by three beautiful fantasia style butterfly girls who will perform an elegant yet contemporary style of dance. The show will reach a finale by having the Voodoo Chief with his percussive bongo sounds, the Cheetah and Tiger on stage, together with the 3 butterflies. This short eye-catching stage show of 4 minutes will lead into the start of the band's performances for the night.


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