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Fall through the looking glass and join the Mad Hatter and friends at this enchanted themed event Mad Hatter will keep guests on their toes as host of your event!

Guests arrive to be greeted by a white bunny, tweedle dumb and tweedle dee run about the guests handing out small cotton candy sticks from a mobile cottan candy machine, while a body painted cheshier cat looks on.

The Mad Hatter arrives to announce the main room is open and the  guards take time out from guarding the queen of hearts will show guests to their seats.

Whilst dinner is being served an  incredible feat of strength and agility will take place on the stage with a world class balancing act dressed as Licoric Allsorts

A "Tea party" opening routine will see the stage full of splendidly costumed dancers and featuring the Queen of Hearts performing an opening routine followed by the Mad Hatter hosting the rest of the evening.

After the awards a DJ will spin discs till the end of the evening for dancing.


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