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Bollywood & Belly dancer

Reshman offers a variety of dance styles comprising of Modern Bollywood (Bolly Funk), Classical Bollywood (Traditional Bollywood), Modern Bellydance (Belly Funk) and Classical Bellydance (Traditional Bellydance). Modern Bollywood consists of traditional acoustic Indian instruments with the influence of electronic hip hop style beats; Classical Bollywood consists of purely traditional Indian instruments which involves the dancer to articulate subtle facial and body expressions telling a story to the viewer; Modern Bellydance consists of hip hop and world dance moves put together embodying a westernised style of dance replicating famous acts such as the Pussycat dolls and Beyonce which is vastly preferred by the young generation for a bit of funkyness and excitement; Traditional Bellydance is the style most familiar to many Westerners around the world with Arabic music consisting of cabaret and folkloric styles grooving to classical and drum inspired beats. His versatility in dance has wowed many audiences giving them a broad selection of dance styles to choose from for their special occasion. 

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